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Thank you for considering World Class Résumés and i-résuméshop.com. My clients often seek assurances that I can do the job for them. I can honestly say that based on my track record and the very favorable feedback that I received from my clients and other résumé professionals over the years, I am confident that you’ll be more than pleased. As my background is somewhat unusual in the résumé-writing field, I’d like to share with you some of what I think makes me a standout résumé writer.

With broad corporate experience, I understand a great deal about the importance of different departments and am able see the big picture in terms of the role they play in the success of the organization. I also have a strong understanding of what hiring managers need and are looking for in prospective employees. Together, these provide a framework for developing strong content – first by eliciting the right information regarding a client’s contributions and then matching it to an employer’s likely wants and needs.

In particular, my technical background makes me a natural fit for engineers, scientists, and technicians, particularly in R&D and manufacturing. I understand the language and am not intimidated by technical jargon. This also means that I am also an especially good choice for IT and other technical professionals.

Another benefit of my technical background is my analytical mindset. I consider my strong suit to be the ability to assess and integrate information, and I take a strategic approach to résumé-writing. I give careful consideration to what's required in a position versus what the candidate offers. I then determine the best approach for communicating what a candidate can do.

While some say that engineers don't write well, I have always been recognized for excellent writing and communication skills. My trademark is clear writing and an easy style. During my engineering career, I was called on whenever strong writing skills were needed – whether it be to pen customer bulletins, or edit/write departmental newsletters. One of my proudest accomplishments was being tapped to lead inter-divisional communications during a contentious merger, reporting on the activities of several merger teams. Trusted to handle communications in that highly-charged situation, you can be sure I can do the job for you.

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